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We'll organise an event with the newest technology.

Are you looking for an innovative way to make your event, party, fair appear more attractive? Do you want to draw more clients to your place or event?

Please say so, and we will show up to you with the newest technologies, using synergy of each one of them!

Newest, autonomic drones? Fresh robots, dancing to the groove? 3D Printers printing modern art? Virtual Reality in an immersive way? Fast, electric vehicles?
We'll bring all of that, and we will show it in an entertaining, charming way!


As a Centre of technology and innovation, we are on the constant lookout for the newest, cutting edge technologies, inventions and products, that will be the next step in technological development of human kind.
The newest trends, a look into the future of technology, fascinating possibilities of said products - all of that you can see on our interactive enterainment show!


Add a huge attraction for your event, let the technology of tomorrow be a guest at your place, hotel, or expo.

Give your clients a fantastic way to spend time discovering futuristic techonlogies. Stay up-to-date... and one step forward!

What can we do for you?

We'll organise and prepare a fantastic, interactive event with the newest technologies.

We'll choose and come with the newest gadgets, technologies of tomorrow - 3DPrinters, Robots, Drones, Electric Vehicles and Virtual Reality technology.

We'll staff the event in a fully proffesional way.

You can expect from us a broad knowledge of the newest technologies, proffesional staff and great atmosphere!

We'll bring our gadgets to life.

Dancing robots, flying drones, 3DPrinter at work and immersive fun in virtual reality. We're going to draw huge attention of attenders - our presence will make your space more attractive!


You want to know more,
You're interested, contact us!
More about us:

Tel: +48 506 327 987

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