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We can organise a Virtual Reality Event.

Are you looking for an innovative, unique way to make your expo, fairs, events appear more attractive to people? Would you like to draw more people into your spot, or event?

Tell us, and we'll come to you with the newest technology, and bring the new dimension of entertainment!

Crazy fun ride at rollercoaster? Sports event? Racing event? Horror theme? Or maybe a bomb defusal with group of friends...?
All of that can be happening during one day thanks to virtual reality and our EventVR service!


VR technology allows to enter the 3D created world in an unparalleled level.

Combining highest quality lenses, cutting edge sensors and computing technology creates unforgettable experience of entertainment, sense of presence in virtual world and commitment to playing.


EventVR is a merge of the newest technology, partying fully, immense experience and fully proffesional staff.

Promote your business - add huge attraction to your event, hire EventVR for an integration party and have lots of fun!

What can we do for you:

We'll lease our VRSpot for Event.

We'll bring, install and take the charge of EventVR stand. In a quick time you'll have the perfect attraction for your clients and more!

We'll fully service the stand.

Not only we're going to lease the stand, you also lease our staff to take care of the equipment and organisation. You can be sure that you'll have a perfectly lead VR stand from the beginning to the end.

We can prepare a special theme for the Event, for example: Horror, Amusement Park, Racing, Sports etc.

Choose or come up with the theme that will be associated with the EventVR - we can create a haunted house, racing zone, lunapark, sports area and many others!


You want to know more,
You're interested, contact us!
More about us:

Tel: +48 506 327 987

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