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VR Showroom


Creating 15.000sqft of exposition using 15sqft.

Have you been thinking lately how to grow your business and reach out to more clients? How to differentiate, be remembered and broadly recommended? Nowadays, it's getting harder and harder to surprise people.

Virtual Reality technology brings the answers to that!



Showroom, in which it's possible to show full range of products and broad offering using only 15 square feet of area - It's a huge saving on time, money and space.

VR Technology offers possibilities, that traditional forms of marketing don't execute - especially, when customer's experience and understanding is very important.

Virtual Reality is a bonding between virtual worlds connecting almost all senses - just put goggles on, headphones and travel to the different, freely created environments, experiencing immense, one of a kind encounters with rich content.

Our VR Showrooms will allow you and your clients to elevate the experience of buying and selling products.


Get a boost in sales by presenting your projects, products and services in an addictive form - virtual reality. If you were to present all your projects, products and offerings - the area for it could be very huge and expensive.

VR Showroom is a perfect way to present them while mantaining minimal use of space and maximised experience.

You can gain an added value to your company by using our product. The added value for your company is association of your brand identity towards more innovative, forward thinking one.

Clients, who experience the offering using Virtual Reality, are more eager to recommend the brand to other people, in comparison to the default methods.


What can we do for you:

We will build you a VR Showroom

Equipped with cutting edge, newest equipment.
Our team will design and build a comfy, beautiful stand.
Full preparation of software and service.

We'll transfer your offering into Virtual Reality.

We'll create a virtual catalog of your offering
Interaction, and freedom of configuration
Mesmerising, memorable experiences - huge boost in sales!

We'll bring your 3D Project into VR.

We'll transfer your creations into the newest VR Engine.
Full Realism, Feeling of Presence and Interaction.
Bring your client to his dream home - easily.


You want to know more,
You're interested, contact us!
More about us:

Tel: +48 506 327 987

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