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We'll create a VR Spot for you.

Would you want to draw in broader clientele to your place? Maybe you would like to develop a forward thinking business associated with innovative technologies? Would you like to make your place seem more attractive, to have something that other businesses doesn't have yet?

Virtual Reality technology comes with the help!

Imagine a huge amusement park, full of the best, most thrilling attractions - going and trying all it has to offer could take many days!

With the help of SpotVR, you can transfer this dream into reality by using only 15sqft of space!


VR technology allows to enter the 3D created world in an unparalleled level.

VR technology allows to enter the 3D created world in an unparalleled level. Combining highest quality lenses, cutting edge sensors and computing technology creates unforgettable experience of entertainment, sense of presence in virtual world and commitment to playing.


The use of VRSpot is unlimited - the huge boost in created apps for VR expands the opportunities of VR technology usage - create a perfect space to relax! Amusement park, meeting place for designers and clients, VR Cinema and many more!

Start making more money right now by creating your VRSpot.

We will help you with that!

What Can We do For You:

We will build you a VR Showroom

Equipped with cutting edge, newest equipment.
Our team will design and build a comfy, beautiful stand.
Full preparation of software and service.

We'll create a perfect amusement park... or anything else you wish!

We'll choose, configure and if needed - create an app, that will fulfill your vision.

You don't want to buy it, but you would like to have it? We understand that!

We offer the possibility of cooperation by leasing agreement!

VRSpot in a perfect way!


You want to know more,
You're interested, contact us!
More about us:

Tel: +48 506 327 987

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